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Fundamentals of Wireless Networks

About Course

Instructor: Dr. Christian Schlegel, FIEEE, Professor and NSERC Chair

Network theory is discussed with a physical layer approach. We present channels and channel capacity, accessing methods, wireless networks and systems, and modulation methods. Basic theoretical principles are then presented, primarily arrival processes, queuing theories, the MAC layer, ALOHA random accessing methods and their analysis, CSMA and Ethernet standards. Advanced queueing theory will lead the discussion to M/G/1 queues and general G/G/1 queues which require a sophisticated random walk analysis. Burke's and Jackson's theorems, and Kleinrock's independence assumption will complete our network theory exposition. We close with modern multiple accessing techniques, such as spread ALOHA and multiple packet reception. Basic routing protocols, such as unicast routing, distance-vector and link-state protocols are included to close the link to higher-layer networking science.


Course not currently offered at Dalhousie.

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