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Iterative Signal Processing

About Course

Instructor: Dr. Christian Schlegel, FIEEE, Professor and NSERC Chair

Introducation to iterative matrix solution methods, measures of convergence, stationary and Chebychev's method, the conjugate gradient method and relative performance of different approaches, application of iterative methods to communications systems and error control coding using a random channel model, limit performance and system capacity under ideal and iterative receiver processing, iterative processing and partitioned signaling to benefit from sparse graph message passing, message passing and analysis of turbo processing, application to unequal power multiple access and generalized modulation, turbo equalization with pre-filtering, error control coding in the cancelation loop, protographs, spatial couipling and thresholds of coupled systems and codes, Lyapunov theory, convergence of coupled systems.

Course taught at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland, 2015, not currently offered at Dalhousie.