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Magneto Inductive Systems

What are Magneto Inductive Systems 

Magneto Inductive(MI) communications systems use low frequency modulation to enable reliable communication in areas where traditional RF communications fail. These environments include, areas with a high concentration of conductive elements, through highly reflective barriers (such as the surface of water), and communicating through the earth. So far MI communications has been stuck in the world of short range and low data rates but shows promise for providing high data throughput at short ranges. 

Why are we Interested

How are we contributing

The team at UMDCC is currently working on developing a full and complete model of the MI channel to develop the theoretical performance bounds. With this knowledge we will be able to develop schemes to provide higher data rates or reduced power consumption. A lot of benefit can be gained from experimenting with higher order modulations and interference cancelation techniques. These advances will enable MI devices to be more robust, and more compact, an important selling point in industry.