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System Development

What is System Development

System development is the process by which a set of theories and ideas is transformed into functioning prototypes and complete systems. At UMDCC we are dedicated to developing novel algorithms for advanced communications systems and transitioning those algorithms into hardware that has a real impact on the scientific and engineering community. 

Why are we Interested

Modern communications systems often have very high computational complexity and the hardware must be capable of performing these complex algorithms in real time to ensure the level of reliability required by commercial systems. 

How are we Contributing

To enable our researchers to turn their ideas into real-world algorithms we've refined a design flow in our FPGA lab which allows them to work with familiar tools. Researchers can first test their algorithms in Matlab/Simulink before moving into the Xilinx SysGen environment to be implemented on FPGA. This design flow greatly accelerates the process of taking advanced algorithms from theory to hardware implementation and encourages student involvement while providing learning opportunities at each stage of development.